Interview with Alain Camonier

“Who are you really? We really want to get to know our clients.”

At Pallas Attorneys-at-Law we not only look at the legal framework, but we are also looking for answers to the questions: Who are you? What is your position in the organization? Are you nationally active, or also internationally?

Involvement and empathy
Our way of being involved and empathising with our clients entails: What does your business look like? How do the internal processes and reporting lines operate?

We are prepared to invest in you as our client, in advance. This sets us apart.
Being prepared to invest in you as our client, in advance, is certainly not common in the legal world. But this is what we do, which is a very conscious choice. This yields a twofold profit: we are able to advise better, with more flexibility and you will receive advice that is to the point and tailor made to you and your situation. To achieve this, an upfront investment is required, which sets us apart.