Interview with Julien Blok

“Prevention is better than cure”

Already during my law studies, I had a special liking for employment law. For this reason I started working for a law firm specialized in employment law, directly after graduating from university. Even after having worked as an attorney-at-law for many years now, my passion for employment law is still increasing.

Specialization within employment law
From the first moment I began working as an attorney-at-law, I was drawn to the legal implications of a transfer of undertakings. This is the reason I specialized in this area from the very beginning. I am a very experienced attorney in transfers of undertakings, in particular in the cleaning industry.

Unique international practice
Although not a large law firm, Pallas Attorneys-at-Law has many large enterprises, both international and national, in its client base. Moreover, we do not only advise internationally operating companies but also executives and managers who work cross-border. Our national and international client base, the exceptional focus on international employment law, together with the character of a boutique law firm, makes Pallas Attorneys-at-Law a truly unique law firm.

Tailor-made advice
Working for international clients brings a special kind of flow. On many occasions it will be necessary to clearly explain the basics and specifics of Dutch employment law, in addition to providing good solid legal advice. Because of our personal and professional approach, we are able to provide tailor-made advice to our national and international clients.

Tackling problems upfront
As an attorney-at-law, I find it important to build a trusting relationship with my clients. When a client has questions (or suspects that questions will arise in the near future), it must be a logical step to contact me as their legal advisor. I assess situations on a case-by-case basis, in close cooperation with my clients and preferably before real problems arise. After all, prevention is better than cure. This is in our motto: ‘Know, Like, Trust’.