Interview with Michelle Maaijen

“We approach issues from various angles”

Taking the client’s problems into account, approaching issues from various angles, consultations with experienced colleagues and an informal working environment. This characterizes Pallas Attorneys-at-Law and this sets us apart from the more traditional law firms. The quality of our work and our legal advice clearly benefit from the way Pallas Attorneys-at-law approaches issues: from various angles.

Cases are discussed at regular staff meetings
Since February 2014 I have been working at Pallas Attorneys-at-Law and and I have found myself at ease at Pallas. Legal knowledge and experiences are mutually exchanged on a frequent basis and legal cases are discussed amongst our attorneys. This not only relates to the legal contents of the case but also to the specialist skills of our colleagues. I really enjoy this.

The advisory role as employment lawyer is very important
I am pleasantly surprised by the advisory role of an attorney-at-law in practice, especially with Pallas Attorneys-at-Law. As an attorney-at-law you can frequently help your clients with to-the-point advice.

Self-employed persons, expats and foreign companies
Moreover, we do not only deal with cases of employers or employees but also of self-employed workers, expats and foreign companies. Pallas has a significant international practice. That makes our work very varied.

What is unique about Pallas Attorneys-at-Law?
I like visiting companies and studying the legal issues that exist there. That is what clients appreciate. We have long-term relationships with many of our clients. Some exceeding ten or fifteen years . This says everything about the philosophy of Pallas Attorneys-at-Law: Know – Like – Trust. First, get to know the client, then connect with the client and finally help the client on the basis of mutual trust. This is truly unique about Pallas Attorneys-at-Law.