Interview with Sanne van Ruitenbeek

“Our clients must be able to have the courage to make their own choices on the basis of our advice”

At Pallas Attorneys-at-Law we focus on a positive result for the client. Merely winning a legal victory does not drive us. The process and effect on other matters, such as reputation and business relations, also play a major role in our advice and strategies.

Sparring partner
We are a sparring partner and are involved by our clients in the early stages of their concerns and interests. We put ourselves in the situations in which the clients have found themselves. We have the courage to take the load off our clients’ shoulders. It is important to fill our role as attorneys-at-law in this way, so that it will really mean something to our clients.

Trusted advisor for employment law, labor law and employee participation law
’Know – Like – Trust’, this says everything about the way we work. We have long-term relationships with many clients and we are their trusted advisor in the areas of employment law, labor law, employee representation and employee participation law. This is also our aim. A long-term cooperation means that you really get to know one another well, which is obviously a great advantage when providing legal advice.

Having an eye for internal and external relationships
What makes us different from other firms is that - apart from the legal aspects of a case - we also take other interests into consideration, such as internal and external relationships. With regard to the counterparty we concentrate hard on the legal content. However, we do take relationships into account that might still be there after completion of the legal dispute. We never shun legal action but will always examine first whether a settlement can be reached. Most clients prefer this and we understand this very well.