Employment law advice in Poland and the Netherlands

The Polish Business Desk is a service offered by Pallas Employment Lawyers. This service is for entrepreneurs and companies operating in both the Dutch and the Polish market. Due to our specialist knowledge of employment law, our many years of experience and our international network, we are the ideal partner in Dutch-Polish employment affairs. For example, with our help you can hire employees faster and more efficiently or even start a business in the Netherlands or in Poland.

Are you a Polish entrepreneur who wants to enter the Dutch market?

We are your business partner for employment law in the Netherlands. Our advice will enable you to set to work quickly with staff in the Netherlands. Pallas Employment Lawyers advises you on all types of work, regardless of whether you are working with employees, seconded employees, self-employed persons or directors. Not only can we draft the correct agreements for you, but together with our network, we can also assist you in all necessary processes. This includes, inter alia, setting up the payroll administration, registrations with the Dutch authorities and potential permit applications.

At Pallas Employment Lawyers, we have experience with the secondment of your staff from Poland, the relocation of your business operations, the hiring (and dismissing) of directors and the elimination of employee risks. We are pleased to think along with you about solutions. Solutions that are tailor-made and that best suit your company.

Thanks to our close cooperation with many specialised partners in the Netherlands and Poland, we can build a bridge between both countries. Due to our many years of experience, we can also identify the risks beyond employment law and – if necessary – bring you into contact with the right specialised party.

Are you a Dutch entrepreneur who wants to do business in Poland?

We can advise you on the outsourcing of the work to Poland, as also on the relevant consequences and risks under employment law. Moreover, we can contribute ideas and will gladly advise you on the legal construction that best suits your company and employees.

Together with our specialised colleagues in Poland, we can ensure that your Dutch agreements are adapted to the Polish market and the Polish regulations. It goes without saying that we can also provide you with local Polish agreements, where necessary.

Agnieszka Mucko

Agnieszka Mucko (attorney-at-law admitted to Dutch bar/employment law specialist) was born and partly raised in Poland. She studied Law in the Netherlands and practises international employment law. Agnieszka is fluent in spoken and written Polish, Dutch and English. Within Pallas Employment Lawyers, Agnieszka is responsible for the Polish Business Desk.

Agnieszka is well acquainted with both cultures. She is therefore the ideal person to help bridge the differences between the Polish and the Dutch business culture. She is happy to provide you with access to her personal networks in Poland and the Netherlands.

How can we be of assistance?

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Our specialists for polish business desk

Alain Camonier

Attorney-at-Law - Amsterdam

Julien Blok

Attorney-at-Law - Amsterdam

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