Do you feel unfairly prejudiced by your employer?

Not only are your employment conditions laid down in the employment contract but also in the law, collective bargaining agreements and associated regulations. Questions we often receive in our practice are:

  • Is this employment condition valid?
  • Is my non-competition clause executable?
  • Is my employer allowed to change my employment conditions unilaterally?
  • Is my employer allowed to terminate my employment contract?
  • How much will my severance payment be?
  • How should I position myself in negotiations with my employer?

Any conflict with your employer will be uncomfortable, to say the least. In such a situation you want quick and effective assistance to solve the conflict. With our services we mainly focus on your future without losing sight of your legal position.

Your case is in good hands
We defend your interests. At Pallas Attorneys-at-Law your case is in good hands, regardless of whether we have to take legal action or have to conduct stiff negotiations to reach a settlement. Your interests will be put first.

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