Executive / Director

Who will be your advisor if your position is at stake?

It can happen to any executive or director: your position is jeopardized and suddenly you are on your own. The shareholders require a different strategy; the parent company wants a new captain of the ship; after a takeover there are two responsible executives and you are the one to step down; or a lack of trust exists with the supervisory board. And although you have been in trickier spots, this is a different story.

Whether you are a member of a (one-tier/two-tier) board, managing director, executive, director and principal shareholder, general manager or private-equity director, we can help you prevent and settle conflicts.

The special position of Executives / Directors
We understand your special position as an executive and take all your interests into account. We apply the legal strategy that best suits your specific executive position.

Knowledge and mutual trust
Our approach is based on knowledge and trust. As your personal business partner, together we can decide on the best strategy to follow, provide advice on necessary next steps or act on your behalf as litigator. Where necessary, we can involve other specialists such as tax consultants and pension lawyers. If cross-border issues are involved, our strong international network can be of help to strengthen your case.

What can we do for Executives / Directors?

1. Check your contract
From the start of your (new) position we can check your employment contract or management agreement and also assess - at the same time - the risks which might occur if the agreement were to be terminated. If your employment conditions are likely to be changed unilaterally, we will be able to provide you with the necessary advice.

2. Assess a termination proposal
If you have received a termination proposal, this will likely be the start of stiff negotiations. We want to ensure that you can continue without any damage to your good name. In a way that justifies the input and energy you have given to the company.

3. Immediate advice on your impaired legal position
The moment your legal position is affected, you have no time to waste. You will be able to reach us day and night when required: a phone call will do. You will be given immediate advice. We will set up the strategy and next steps, together with you.

Do you have any questions?
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