Working abroad

Are you going to work abroad, temporarily or for the longer term? As an expat you will have a different employment relationship with your employer. Existing employment conditions will most likely change. Sometimes foreign law applies to your employment contract and another entity may become the contractual party. Often a new or additional (employment) contract will be required. In addition, when you are seconded, work permits, tax payment and social security protection play a big role. In the event of an imminent redundancy or dismissal, an expat in a foreign environment will be extra vulnerable.

Relieving concerns
We specialize in cross-border employment and can assist you as an expat. We know what challenges you will face and we are qualified to advise you on your legal position and strategic options.

Pallas Attorneys-at-Law:

  • Is the strategic partner and advisor of expats
  • Focuses on your interests and a trusted relationship
  • Takes all aspects of your expat position into account
  • Provides cross-border advice
  • Thinks and acts in a multidisciplinary and solution-oriented way

Do you have any questions?
Alain Camonier, Sanne van Ruitenbeek and Marcel de Vries are here to help you.

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