Polish Business Desk

Employmentlaw advice in Poland and the Netherlands

Polish Business Desk is a service offered by Pallas Advocaten for employers and companies in the Dutch and Polish markets. Due to our specialist knowledge of employment law and our years of experience, we are the ideal partner for Dutch/Polish business affairs. With our help you can, for example, start a business in the Netherlands or in Poland faster and more efficiently because we open up our networks in both the Netherlands and Poland to you.

Are you a Polish entrepreneur that wants to enter the Dutch market? We are your business partner in the Netherlands. Our advice will enable you to get started quickly working with staff in the Netherlands. We can advise you on all types of work, regardless of whether you are working with employees, seconded employees, self-employed workers or directors. We can provide you with the right agreements and assist with all necessary actions, such as setting up a payroll administration, registrations with the authorities and any permits required.

For example, we have experience with seconding your staff from Poland, relocating business operations, appointing (and dismissing) management board members and directors and eliminating employee risks. We are happy to contribute ideas towards tailor-made solutions that best suit your company.

Thanks to our close cooperation with many specialised partners in the Netherlands and Poland, we can build bridges between the two countries in numerous business and legal areas. Due to our years of experience, we can also identify the risks outside our field of law and – if necessary – we can bring you into contact with other specialised parties.

Are you a Dutch entrepreneur that wants to do business in Poland? We can advise you on outsourcing or relocating (part of) the work to Poland, as well as the associated consequences and risks. We will gladly advise you about the legal construction that best suits your company and your employees.

Together with our specialised colleagues in Poland, we can ensure that your Dutch contracts are adapted to the Polish market and Polish regulations. We can also, of course, provide you with local contracts, where necessary.

In collaboration with Polish specialists, we can provide you with high-quality business and legal services in Poland.

Agnieszka Mucko

Agnieszka Mucko (attorney-at-law/employment law specialist) was born and partly raised in Poland. She studied Law in the Netherlands and is employed in international employment law practice. Agnieszka is fluent in spoken and written Polish, as well as Dutch and English.

Moreover, Agnieszka is the ideal person to help bridge the differences between Polish and Dutch culture, because she is familiar with both cultures. She will gladly open up her personal business network in Poland and the Netherlands to you.


Are you looking for legal services for your cross-border business? Please feel free to contact Agnieszka. She would like to hear your story.