Works council

Pallas Attorneys-at-Law as the advisor of works councils

Every company with at least 50 employees must have a works council pursuant to the Dutch Works Council Act (Wet op de ondernemersraden). Important organizational changes must be submitted for advice to the works council in advance: in this respect, mergers, reorganizations, a downsizing or major changes in activities and work come to mind. In addition, the works council's consent is required by law for decisions in the area of employment conditions, such as working hours and job grading. We regularly advise and provide guidance to national works councils and European works councils about their statutory rights and obligations and their position within the company. In our advice we keep an eye on the interests of all stakeholders and will therefore be able to advise beyond the legal frameworks.

Training and study
In the area of training, we can offer various courses to works councils. We have developed several training and study courses, based on best practices. Please ask about the options.

Pallas Attorneys-at-Law:

  • Is a strategic partner and advisor of works councils and European works councils
  • Keeps an eye on the interests of the various stakeholders and advises beyond the legal frameworks
  • Thinks and acts in a solution-oriented way

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