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We would like to get to know you and your company and understand what is important to you so that an optimum result can be achieved. Litigation is our business, but we certainly consider a good settlement to be valuable as well. You can rely on our expertise and decisiveness.

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We are Pallas Employment Lawyers, your strategic partner in the field of employment law and employee participation law with an international focus

Are you looking for a strategic partner in the field of employment law and employee participation law? Pallas Employment Lawyers is an expert in employment law issues with special focus on cross-border employment . We primarily work for clients with an international focus. This often includes employers, but also directors, expats and works councils.

Pallas Employment Lawyers only employs specialists with a passion for employment law. We have an international focus, and are known as an expert and strategic partner.

Polish Business Desk

Polish Business Desk is a service offered by Pallas Advocaten for employers and companies in the Dutch and Polish markets. Due to our specialist knowledge of employment law and our years of experience, we are the ideal partner for Dutch/Polish business affairs. With our help you can, for example, start a business in the Netherlands or in Poland faster and more efficiently because we open up our networks in both the Netherlands and Poland to you.

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Pallas lawyers specialised in employment law

Alain Camonier

Attorney-at-Law - Amsterdam

Julien Blok

Attorney-at-Law - Amsterdam