1. Our motivation

The core activities of our organisation mainly consists of providing high-quality legal services at a competitive price. By doing this, we create added value for our clients. Moreover, we invest in building a long-term relationship of mutual trust with our clients. In this way, you do not only get to know and trust each other better, but in the long run we can better anticipate to the needs of our clients. We thus add an additional dimension to our services. This vision has been our way of working ever since the establishment of our firm.

In addition to our services, our business operations also result in other social effects. Examples include the training and development of staff, but also how we handle our impact on the environment. We believe that concern for these social effects, as well as seeking a balance between financial and economic results, transparency, social interests and the environment, also referred to as Environmental Social Governance (ESG), are also part of our core activities. We are convinced that finding the right balance lead to better results, both for our organisation and for society. This is explained further in this document as our Corporate Social Responsibility Policy (CSR Policy).

In the course of our activities, we constantly consider the effects hereof on the broader social environment. By acknowledging and defining these social values, drawing up standards for this, and actively monitoring how substance is given to it, corporate social responsibility is embedded in our organisation. These policy provisions assist us in making better internal considerations when making business decisions. We also wish to emphasise that the development of this policy is a dynamic process; the social challenges that we are facing today can already be outdated a few years from now.

2. Our CSR policy

Within our organisation, the guiding principles outlined in this CSR policy have already been used and applied since our establishment. This document also lays down this policy in writing. This contributes towards external transparency and creates more internal awareness and support for corporate social responsibility.

3. Our organisation

The partners of Pallas Lawyers acknowledge the importance of corporate social responsibility and created a foundation for progressive policy in this respect. In addition, this importance is also supported amongst our employees.

Within our organisation, we have a CSR Committee, which is responsible for the safeguarding and progress of this policy. This committee currently consists of the following persons:

  • Alain Camonier (partner);
  • Pieter de Ruiter (associate);
  • Angelet Veldscholte (employment lawyer).

4. Social contribution

4.1 Goals

As a firm, we are well aware of our position in society. To strengthen this social position, and because our business operations are not exclusively aimed at the creation of added value for shareholders, we also want to make a contribution to our society. We want to make this contribution in various areas. This can be of a financial nature, but also through the use of our expertise.

4.2 Efforts

At the moment, our social efforts can be outlined as follows:

  • We periodically commit to a long-term social project (1-5 years);
  • In addition, we commit to a short-term social project (0-1 year). For more information about these projects, you can contact Pieter de Ruiter (pieter.de.ruiter@pallas.nl / +31 (0)85 070 47 12);
  • Donations to charities. We regularly donate an amount to the Children Cancer-Free Foundation (Stichting Kinderen Kankervrij, KiKa);
  • Our employees and partners work for various charities and social organisations;
  • An AED is available at the office in Amsterdam. Employees of Pallas Lawyers are trained in the use of the AED and the performance of resuscitation;
  • To support the management and supervision (Governance), Hans van Gijzen is affiliated with Pallas Lawyers as an Of Counsel. In addition, several lawyers hold supervisory positions at external organisations.

5. Environment

 5.1 Goals

Another important topic is the environment. As a business, we are aware of the impact that our business activities has on the environment and we want to ensure that it is also possible for future generations to enterprise and work in a healthy and safe (work) environment.

5.2 Measures

Although, as an office organisation, we have a limited impact on environmental aspects, we apply the following guiding principles during our (day-to-day) business activities:

  • It is looked at critically if and to what degree our suppliers implement CSR in their products and/or services;
  • Sustainable office management. The use of paper and plastic, among other things, is reduced to a minimum at the office;
  • In case of business travelling, the guiding principle is that travelling takes place as much as possible by train/car instead of by plane.
  • Sustainable energy supplier.

6. Staff policy

6.1 Goals

We are well aware of the fact that our employees make the most important contribution to our business activities. We find that employees must be offered sufficient room to develop, both on a personal and professional level.

We pursue a conscious staff policy in which we opt to train and guide our employees in their process to becoming a lawyer. Employees are also actively coached and offered sufficient room to develop their skills. In addition, we offer students the opportunity of gaining experience and knowledge at our firm through an internship.

We are also involved in stimulating our employees in adopting a healthy lifestyle, among other things by offering healthy lunches.

7. Finally

If you have any questions, comments or further suggestions in response to this policy, please contact Pieter de Ruiter (pieter.de.ruiter@pallas.nl / +31 (0)85 070 47 12).