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Pallas as advisor to Works Councils

As a Works Council, you are required by law to be involved in important decisions. This includes merger or restructuring plans, downsizing or important changes to activities and operations. In this respect, the statutory role of the Works Council can best be given substance if account is taken of all stakeholders’ interests. Of course, this refers to both employees and the board of directors, but also to national and international group companies, supervisory directors, trade unions and certainly a potential foreign shareholder.

Approval of the works council is required for resolutions in the area of terms and conditions of employment, e.g. working hours and job evaluations. We advise and offer guidance to Works Councils concerning their position in the field of influence in which they operate.
In advising and guiding these Works Councils, we make use of our experience in other consulting and consent processes. The manner of communication with the various stakeholders can potentially make a great difference to the process and its outcome.

Pallas Employment Lawyers is therefore a strategic discussion partner and advisor to your Works Council. Our lawyers think and act with solutions in mind, but where necessary, we also litigate before the Court or the Netherlands Enterprise Court (at the Amsterdam Court of Appeal).

Knowing each other means trusting each other

In order to provide you with sound guidance, we first want to meet you. We want to thoroughly understand the organisational relationships and the situation. From the basis of trust that is consequently formed, we proceed further in tandem.

Providing training to your Works Council

We have much to offer to your Works Council when it comes to training. To this end, we have developed a number of training sessions and courses. Please contact us for more information.

How can we be of assistance?

  • Strategic advice and guidance on complex Works Council procedures
  • Rights to prior consultation, rights of consent and rights to receive information
  • Works Council training sessions and courses

Our specialists for works council

Alain Camonier

Attorney-at-Law - Amsterdam

Maarten van Kempen

Attorney-at-Law - Rotterdam

Steven Jellinghaus

Attorney-at-Law - Rotterdam

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