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The position of director under employment law

Who is your advisor when your position is affected?

It can happen to any director: your position is in jeopardy and suddenly, you are on your own. The shareholders want to change course, the parent company wants a new captain at the helm, there are suddenly two directors following a takeover and you are the one who needs to go, or the supervisory authority passes a motion of no confidence. And although you have survived many difficult episodes, this is a different story.

Whether you are the director of a (one- or two-tier) multinational, a chief executive, managing director, executive, director and major shareholder, general manager or private equity fund manager, we can assist you in preventing and settling conflicts.

The special position of directors

We acknowledge your special position as a director and take all interests into account. We adapt the strategy to be followed to your specific position as a director.

Knowledge and mutual trust

Our approach is based on knowledge and trust. As a well-informed discussion partner, we can think along with you strategically, advise you on which steps to take or act as a lawyer on your behalf. Where necessary, we rely on other specialists, like tax consultants and pensions experts. In case of transnational issues, we draw on our strong international network.

What can we do for directors?

Reviewing your agreement
At the start of your (new) cooperation, we can review your employment or management agreement and simultaneously also assess the risks that may arise should the agreement be terminated. We can also provide you with advice in the event that the terms of your agreement are in danger of being changed unilaterally.

Assessing a termination proposal
Receiving a proposal marks the beginning of a serious negotiation process. Our aim is to ensure that you can move forward without reputational damages and in a way that does justice to the time and effort you invested in the company.

Immediate advice about your affected legal status

The moment your legal status is affected, you have no choice but to act. We are available day and night: all you need to do is call. You will receive immediate advice and will know what your next step in this process can be. Together, we will determine the strategy.

How can we be of assistance?

  • Terms and conditions of employment
  • Contracts
  • Employment and management disputes
  • Dismissal

Our specialists for executives

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