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Have you received a summons or a petition? Or are you involved in a dispute which cannot be resolved and are court proceedings unavoidable? Whether it concerns a dispute in the field of employment law, international employment law, employee participation law or a director dispute: we can assist you.

In the case of disputes, it is often preferable to try to reach a resolution by mutual agreement. Sometimes, however, that is not possible. Are you having a fundamental discussion, for example, with a trade union? Is there an instant dismissal that is being contested in court? Or are you unable to reach a settlement because the differences in the negotiations are too great? In that case, it is necessary to resolve the problem by means of proceedings before the court.

Do you have a claim against an opposing party, but are you scared that the opposing party will do anything to avoid having to pay? If so, it may be possible to levy an attachment against the opposing party. Or are you being forced via the court to surrender certain documents or to allow inspection of the documents? You can also engage us in those cases.

You can turn to us for proceedings before the (Subdistrict) Court, Court of Appeal and the Netherlands Enterprise Court of the Amsterdam Court of Appeal. And you have even come to the right place for proceedings that have to be conducted before a judicial authority abroad.

In order to be able to help you in proceedings before a court, we make use of our extensive practical experience with litigation and our knowledge of procedural law. Combined with our expertise in the field of employment law, international employment law and employee participation law, we are able to bring legal proceedings to a good end.

Legal proceedings can be initiated in the event of

  • Labour disputes (national and international)
  • Employee participation disputes
  • Director disputes

Our specialists for litigation in court

Alain Camonier

Attorney-at-Law - Amsterdam

Michelle Maaijen

Attorney-at-Law - Rotterdam

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