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Mediation in case of employment law issues

Mediation is deployed increasingly frequently to resolve employment-related legal issues, without relying on the court. Namely, through mediation, the parties resolve the conflict themselves with the assistance of a mediator. Unlike in court, the mediator does not reach a decision and, instead, supervises the discussions between the parties.

The mediation always takes place in a private and confidential setting, as a result of which the parties can speak freely.

Mediators working for Pallas Employment Lawyers assist in solving employment disputes, disputes in which works councils are involved, as well as disputes within a company’s management board, a group of shareholders, partners in a partnership, or unrest in a team.

All Pallas Employment Lawyers mediators are also experienced specialists in employment law. For this reason, the consequences of any arrangements to be stipulated are entirely clear and transparent.
In many cases, mediation leads to results, i.e. a solution that is satisfactory to all parties.

Mediation can be used in case of

  • employment disputes
  • management conflicts
  • employee participation conflicts