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Are you active in the sports world as an organization, employer or athlete? You will then come into contact with very diverse legal areas such as Labour law, European law, state aid rules, intellectual property law and the tax treatment of athletes. This is apart from typical sports law issues such as abuse of drugs in sport, disciplinary law, transfers and posting to international competitions such as the Olympic Games. In addition, current social themes also play out in the sports world, such as the prevention of and dealing with inappropriate behavior.

You also have to find your way through the (international) organization and structure of the sports world, with its own rules.

The sports law experience of our lawyers

Our lawyers have years of experience in the field of sports law and often have a sporting attitude. They advise on the topics mentioned above and are regularly involved in drawing up regulations specifically for the sports world. They also teach sports law at various university courses and are responsible for editing the books Capita Sportrecht (Gompel & Svacina) and the Dutch edition of the International Encyclopedia Sports Law (Kluwer International).

How can we help you?

  • Drafting/assessing regulations
  • Dispute settlement
  • Transfer issues
  • Contesting disciplinary cases
  • Drafting and posting to matches
  • Transgressive behavior
  • Labour law conflict

Our specialists for sports law

Marcel de Vries

Attorney-at-Law - Amsterdam

Steven Jellinghaus

Attorney-at-Law - Rotterdam

Michelle Maaijen

Attorney-at-Law - Rotterdam

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