Steven Jellinghaus:

Sometimes you have to take an unorthodox approach.

'Not every question requires a standard solution. This means that sometimes, in order to achieve your goal, you have to act 'out of the box'. Stepping off the beaten track. '

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Steven Jellinghaus

Attorney-at-Law - Rotterdam

Steven Jellinghaus is a lawyer and co-owner of Pallas Employment Lawyers.

His practice focuses on the collective aspects of employment law and co-determination law in particular. He is recognised by peers as the expert in the field of co-determination. In addition, Steven has special knowledge in the field of public employment law and is regarded in the Netherlands as a leading expert on sports law.

Steven received his phd from Tilburg University in 2003 on the subject of harmonisation of employment conditions, in particular after a merger or takeover. He is still attached to this university as an assistant professor.

Besides his work as a lawyer and assistant professor, Steven regularly provides postgraduate education, contributes to publications and fulfils various social supervisory positions within the sports and cultural sector. Among other things, he is a board member of the Professional Association for Participation Professionals (BVMP) and the Association for Sport and Law. He is also a supervisor at  ‘Vereniging Nederlandse Poppodia en Festivals’ (VNPF), amongst other things. As editor and author, his publications include:

  • Journal of Sport and Law (‘Tijdschrift voor sport en recht’)
  • Labour law for the government (‘Arbeidsrecht voor de overheid verklaard’)
  • Opmaat employment law+ (‘Opmaat arbeidsrecht+’)
  • Insight into the Works Council (‘Inzicht in de ondernemingsraad’)
  • Works Councils Act (Paris Publishing House) (‘Wet op de ondernemingsraden’)
  • Capita Sports Law (‘Capita Sportrecht’)
  • Encyclopedia internationals sports law: The Netherlands (Kluwer International)

For a list of publications, see Steven Jellinghaus – Tilburg University Research Portal.

Steven has registered the following areas of law in the Register of Jurisdictions of the Netherlands Bar Association:

  • Employment law
    • Employee participation
    • Sports law
    • Civil service law

This registration obliges Steven to obtain ten training points in each registered area of law, according to the standards of the Dutch Bar Association.

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