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International employer

Transnational employment law

Does your business operate internationally? Then you have to deal with the employment law of several countries, as well as European employment law. It goes without saying that in most cases Dutch employment law also continues to play a role. Given this complexity, we have extensive experience in answering questions that are relevant in an international working relationship. This includes questions like: What legislation is applicable to an employment agreement? In what country is tax paid? Are work permits required? Is the employee adequately insured? In what country is the employment law more advantageous? Is there a role for the works council and/or the European works council?

The international experience of our lawyers

For years, we have provided advice on transnational employment and international employment law. In this respect, European regulations and the relevant case law represent our playing field. That is why we understand the issues regarding transnational employment. It requires ample practical experience and insight into best practices. In addition, we have established a strong network of international lawyers and advisors with whom we collaborate in a multidisciplinary fashion. As international employment law specialists, we play a pivotal role in that respect.

How can we be of assistance?

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Our specialists for international employment law

Alain Camonier

Attorney-at-Law - Amsterdam

Marcel de Vries

Attorney-at-Law - Amsterdam

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