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Employment law for managers

Do you have a dispute with your employer

Not only are your terms and conditions of employment included in your employment agreement, but they are also included in legislation, the collective labour agreement or other regulations. Problems between the employer and managers often concern a difference of opinion about the policy to be pursued. However, it is also frustrating if the employer is of the opinion that there is dissatisfactory performance or culpable conduct. It is therefore good to know what your rights are and what you can expect.

Questions that we frequently receive in our practice include:

  • Is a previously made agreement valid?
  • What is the legal validity of my non-competition clause?
  • Can my employer change my terms and conditions of employment unilaterally?
  • Can my employer dismiss me?
  • What is my severance pay?
  • How should I position myself in the context of negotiations?

A conflict with your employer is discomforting. In such situations, you desire quick and effective assistance to resolve problems or put them behind you. Our services primarily focus on your future, without losing sight of your legal status. We also have ample experience with special terms and conditions of employment, e.g. share schemes, share option schemes, phantom shares, LTIP, STIP or other bonuses.

We defend your interests. At Pallas Employment Lawyers your case is in good hands, regardless of whether it requires litigation or firm negotiations to reach a potential settlement. Your interests are our priority.

How can we be of assistance?

  • Employment agreements
  • Dismissal
  • Bonus schemes
  • Non-competition and non-sollicitation clauses
  • Sickness and your employment agreement
  • Collective labour agreements