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Alain en Michelle are speakers at the Undutchables Expert Talk Zoom session on 8 April 2022 between 10-11 AM.

Is 2022 really “the year of the employee”?
In the current candidates’ market, higher salaries, sign-on bonuses and permanent contracts, appear to be the latest Talent Acquisition tools.
How can employers in the Netherlands then simply attract and retain employees in Europe while maintaining a level of flexibility?
The new European Directives may offer you a creative perspective in the Post-Covid – remote – employment landscape.

The following topics will be discussed:

  1. Hiring and retention of staff, while also maintaining flexibility;
  2. EU Directive on transparent and predictable working conditions in the EU;
  3. Remote working in another country with a Dutch employer;
  4. Experiences with the EU Posting of Workers Directive.

Is one of these topics relevant to your company, join the discussion and learn more from our experts.

For registration click here.

Author: Michelle Maaijen

Pallas has a varied national and international practice that ensures that we can always approach issues from several angles. This can only benefit the quality of our work and advice.

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