Angelet Veldscholte:

Making complex matters accessible, where the human aspect is crucial.

'By understanding the client's situation and thinking along with it, I can come up with a suitable solution within the playing field of employment law, both in the short and long term. Which means that the clients are guided in a result-oriented manner.'

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Angelet Veldscholte

Employment lawyer - Amsterdam

Angelet Veldscholte works as an employment lawyer at Pallas Advocaten.

Angelet completed the master’s degree in Business and Law at Utrecht University, with the track Employment Law. During her master’s thesis, Angelet focused on employee participation law.

Before joining the Pallas Advocaten team, Angelet worked at both large and smaller (niche) firms, always working in employment law. Angelet has also worked at the UWV as a dismissal consultant, which means that she knows the sometimes-complex application for dismissal at the UWV inside out. All this together means that Angelet already has extensive experience and knowledge within employment and employee participation law.

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