Bo van den Bedum:

We do right by our clients, employee, employer, national or international.

'Introducing clients into the legal world in an approachable way and offering them a clear, correct and strategic solution, that is what drives me. We see the possibilities within the rules, not losing sight of the person behind the problem.'

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Bo van den Bedum

Employment lawyer - Amsterdam

Bo van den Bedum is an employement lawyer at Pallas Employment Lawyers, usually working in the Amsterdam office.

In December 2022, Bo completed her master’s degree in Employment Law at the Free University Amsterdam. Before joining Pallas Employment Lawyers, Bo worked as an employment lawyer for the union CNV, where she provided legal councel to employees. This enables her to have a holistic view of employment law issues and contribute from different perspectives.  Previously, Bo worked at a small law firm with a general law practice.

While working at CNV, she also obtained her Premaster in Law from the Open University (full-time), in order to advance from her Higher Vocational Education Law degree.

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