Julien Blok:

By getting to know your client first, the needs of your client can be met

'Working for international clients and organisations involves different dynamics. Apart from requiring good advice, advising an international client or organisation on Dutch employment law or litigating on their behalf often also demands a clear explanation of Dutch employment law. The challenge is therefore also to make employment law comprehensible and clear to both national and international clients through a personal and professional approach.'

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Julien Blok

Attorney-at-Law - Amsterdam

Julien Blok works as a lawyer at Pallas Employment Lawyers.

Julien assists companies, works councils and private individuals. Julien’s specialisations within employment law are employee participation issues and processes, dismissal cases (including mass redundancies), restructuring and the legal status of directors under articles of association. In addition, he assisted a number of companies in setting up works councils.

Before he joined the team at Pallas Employment Lawyers, Julien worked at various law firms in Amsterdam, always in the field of employment law.

He is a member of the Dutch Bar Association.

Julien registered the following areas of law in the register of disciplines of the Dutch Bar Association:

  • Employment law
    • Mass redundancy
    • International employment law
    • Employee participation

This registration implies that ten continuing education credits must be obtained for every area of law registered, according to the standards of the Dutch Bar Association.

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